Tips For Using Keyword In Directory Submission

Implement directory submission with your main keyword in way that you can get maximum benefit of SEO.If you do not follow proper formula and stuffing keyword in directory submission, than your listing can be reject.Place your keyword in directory submission naturally.

You can use your keywords or keyword phase in diffrent part of submission such as title,Guest Posting description and keywords itself.You have to research keywords for your website (use google keyword tool for it) and once you got keywords, put that keywords in two separate category:
1)Main keyword phrases: For our own example: directory submission, directory submission, link building, social bookmarking, etc.2)Long tail keyword phrases: For our own example: directory submission service, how to directory submission, online manual directory submission services, etc.

The directory title is help to rank highly your directory in search engines.You can using your long tail keyword phrases in directory titles.So, creating a keyword-rich title for promoting your directory.Using the “directory submission” research above, the titles may be:
“10 Tips for directory submission”, “How to writing SEO-friendly directory title”, “What is the Benefits of directory submission?”
As above example, you can see use of the long tail key phrases in titles And ensure that title is relavant to directory content, avoid to just list of keywords as directory title, and avoid any spelling or grammar errors in your title.

You can using your keyword in the first paragraph, final paragraph, and possibly somewhere in the middle of your directory.Ensure that its must be in limit of the density level, and it depends on both how long your directory is and how many words are in the phrase as to how many repetitions
you can get away with.Reader must read your directory naturally so that use your keyword naturally in directory body.For the keywords you use in your directorys, you’re looking at more longer tail keyword phrases (phrases that are 3-8 words or so long) where the competition is low. This means
that you have a good chance of the directory showing up high in the search engines (SEs) for the long tail keyword phrase that you’re focusing on.The content of your directory should not be promotional, and avoid any spelling or grammar errors in your directory body.

Both types of keyword terms work together in your directory marketing campaign to bring you more traffic via the search engines.The overall strategy is to use long tail keyword phrases in writing your directorys, and then use one of your main keyword phrases in your resource box to link back to your website.
Using keywords in your directory title, directory body and resource is a great SEO directory writing strategy that can make your directorys more effective in attracting attention from search
engines. If you want to use keywords in your directory, follow the tips in this directory, but remember that the main goal is to use them naturally and keep the needs of your human
readers as your primary focus. So this is really in addition to the main keyword phrases for which you want your website to rank highly. With the long tail keyword phrases, you’re trying to get traffic through
people finding the directory, reading it and clicking through to your website.

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